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Powder Coating
  • Powder Coating, Oven Size: 3300mmW x 1600mmD x 2400mmH
  • Powder Coating up to 4000mm in length
  • Full range of quality Dulux Colours in stock
  • Powder Coat stripping and Sand Blasting

Powder Coating Process

Powder Coating is a durable coating that can be applied to most metal items and is available in a wide range of colours and finishes for both interior and exterior applications. First the steel is cleaned in a pre-treatment process to remove any grease and oil to prepare the surface for the powder coat. The powder is then applied through an electrostatic spray gun in a spray booth. The item is then put in an oven at 180-200°C to bake (or cure) the powder. This fuses the powder particles together to form a beautiful coating in the colour of your choice.

Dulux Colours

CLICK HERE to veiw the Dulux range of powder coat colours.

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